My mum says I hated maths when I was little. Well, I don't really remember that. All I remember, I didn't care much about maths till I've discovered in my second year of primary school, just by an accident, NEGATIVE numbers! Wohohow!
And there, I believe, it all started...

It's like it happened yesterday:
I was doing my maths homework and the last line was 1 - 2. I said to my dad, that I think there's a mistake. They meant surely 2 - 1, which I know it's 1, right? =) I'm sure now, it was a mistake because we weren't introduced negative numbers yet in my class, but technically, we now all know, and my dad told me the same, it's not a mistake.
"The answer is minus one."
"What?!" (If I would've known some swear word that time, I would probably use some - that's how surprised I was =)

That time it felt the same as when I first discovered the complex domain and the reality of so far hidden square roots of negative numbers (yeah, it seems negative numbers always somehow - in a positive way - shatter my current view on maths).

So what's the thing which makes me love maths? YES! I said it - I love maths and I'm not ashamed.

Simply, as in maths ALL matches and makes sense, everything is connected to each other. Like formulas for logarithms - how come logarithms could be multiplied by a power of their argument (that one, which is so well hidden INSIDE of the logarithm)? Well, because... logarithms ARE just another expression of powers, so they work that way and it's so amazing to actually realise such a simple, but a brilliant thing.

Ok, I see, it starts to seem I'm a bit crazy. I admit, I am, but in that good, funny way, really.

But let me tell you more: in maths NOTHING changes. I mean - in history, you can find out that someone else actually poisoned that king or that the old fossil is not so old because it's fake (that moves us to some other science, right...) - or geography! Come on! Even myself, and I'm still quite young when writing this article, could say I've been through TWO geographical/political - which goes always hand in hand together - changes in my homeland (for the record - first getting rid of the Soviet Union the year I was born, then, a couple of years later, saying peacefully goodbye to our Slovakian brothers). So there are changes in other subjects, but not maths. Even physics - think about some many theories which were at the end not verified (therefore we think they're not correct). So maths and it's laws stays and that's great. Even though I love changes, but not when I learn something and soon I have to learn new names (either of king's slayers or countries) and so...

And not to forget at the end, not that I would go to study maths at uni to let people drop their jaws when I say "yeah, I have maths degree" (I went to study it because I love maths), but it's always fun to see all those jaws being dropped down =)